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Our Commitment to our Clientele

We are absolutely passionate about massage and bodywork, as our number one goal is to provide you with healing treatments that will restore and rejuvenate your entire body and mind. If you are focused on giving your body the care it deserves and addressing its pain at the source, we will always help you find peace and relaxation with every session. We come to you creating a nice relaxing atmosphere, to experience our unique, effective and satisfying tissue reorganization skills that use mostly medical massage techniques.

We kindly ask for 24 hours advance notice for all services.  

If we are able to we may have the ability to make a same day service but there 

there will be a small convenience fee added for any same day appointments, or

for traveling further that our 25 mile service area and for On Call appointments 

that are outside of of regular hours 

Promise Plan

Our specially designed "Promise Plan" always has your best interest in mind!  We say this because its an unknown as to how many massages per month you will initially need to find your optimal results. We will suggest how to reach your desired outcome quickly, but the bottom line is that we do have rates and plans that will help you save your money.  

If you are here for your fist time, or it's been longer than a month, you will start with a Premier Massage Service. At this session we will analyze your soft tissues organization and talk about how severe your tissues needs are. Then we will discuss what we think may be optimal for you to achieve the best results, and then find the best plan for your soft tissues demands. We always try to get everyone through their initial suggested massage regiment rapidly, which is the way make your pains go away quickly. A regular level massage therapy for maintenance is generally once a month, which will maintain your soft tissues health and most importantly leave you pain free. We know meeting this general frequency depends on many issues... Such as availability, levels of pain, needs of free movement and last but not least cost. We will work with all clients financial issues, and if cost is a question please do speak to your therapist about this. Because they all have been given the authority to make it all work for you!

Premier Mobile Massage Service - $100

The premier massage service is the starting point!  If you have not had a massage with us within the standard suggested monthly frequency, or its your first time, you will all start here. We will define the areas of your pain and develop a plan together to address your soft tissue complications.  We do this so we can meet your expectations quickly into making your body feel its best each and every day. To get any of the "Promise Plan" discounts seen below, it's suggested to make your next appointment before your therapist leaves. This way you are reassured to get schedules coordinated and you ensure your savings.  

Maintenance Mobile Massage Service - $90

 If you get your next massage within a month or 32 day period, your service will be discounted by 10% off the Premier rate.  

Golden Mobile Massage Service - $85

If you get your next massage within 3 weeks or a 22 day period, your service will be discounted by 15% off the Premier rate. 

Platinum Mobile Massage Service - $80

If you get your next massage within two weeks or a 15 day period, your service will be discounted by 20% off the Premier rate. 

Diamond Mobile Massage Service - $75

If you get your next massage within a week or a 8 day period, your service will be discounted by 25% off the Premier rate. 

-Mandatory 24 hour Notice for any Cancellations-

 If you ever fail to give 24-hour notice of any cancellations a $25 service fee will be added to your next service.

If you are a "No Show" for any session you will be responsible for 100% of the services price. 



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