First of all there is no membership fee following your first massage with us unless you the client chooses their to be.  Meaning if you pay $100 for your first massage with this service you will never pay this price again if you keep using our service to meet your soft tissues needs.  We reward you for maintaining your organization in your tissues….

Meaning if you continue to use our service keeping within the “Promise Plan” guidelines you will continue to receive your massages each with a percent reduction in price.  For your birthday month its on us…  Our way of showing we do care about each one of our clients!

The Premier Service is where this promise all begins.  That massage is $100 and if you continue to use this service for every following massage will be discounted to any price that you so choose...

  • $85 If you get your next massage within a 31 day period of monthly your massage will be discounted by the Golden Service. Making each massage in sequence to have a 15% discount (Each massage may be paid for at the time of service and make your appoint with the Golden Plan drop down from the Appointment Locator drop down menu)
  • $80 If you really love massage you may choose to have your therapist come over every 2 weeks, or within a 15 day period, and your massages will become part of the Platinum Service which offer you a discount of 20%. (Paid for in advance, meaning following your first massage appointment $160 will be collected and your appointment for your next massage will be made or agreed upon then)
  • $75 If massage is your first love, and you would like for your therapist of choice to come to your . needs weekly.  We offer the best discount for a weekly, or within every 8 days appointments. This is our Diamond Service where we offer an incredible 25% discount for all massages each and every week! (Paid for in advance or biweekly, Meaning following your first massage $300 is due or $150 every second visit and your next appointment will be made in person following each massage)



Following your initial Massage at a Premium Service rate you may flip around as desired through out the plans offered above.  Meaning if you are on the Golden Service and for 3 months you’ve been keeping your promise and you happen to really need a massage in 2 weeks, we will give you the discount of 20% for your getting your next service early.  This will allow you to maintain your tissues as they call for it.

HWH Massage Services