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Health Wellness Happiness Mobile Massage


The whole concept of Health Wellness and Happiness, as a mobile massage service, was initially developed because of the high cost of starting up a health and wellness center. First we needed to get our style of massage known by the public and we did so by working vigorously at multiple holistic healthcare clinics and/or spas.


Many of the clients enjoy the deep tissue skill set we offer, as we matured into a medical massage therapists’ that use a very distinct array of methods, modality mixtures and approaches for managing your soft tissue demands.  By using this particular style of a therapeutic massage we develop each massage to be tailored for every client’s specific needs or soft tissue demands.  Some may offer ways to stretch or strengthen particular muscles to help you with pain.  As for some may advise you on physical agents to soothe your discomforts away.


We have all gained unheard amounts of knowledge and experience through the many client we’ve worked on, each having their own distinct soft tissue complication.  Through these times we’ve fine-tuned our skills to be able to repair and assist anyone with their individual soft tissues demands. We gave all what they were looking for which was a way to function and operate without having pain.  Through the hundreds to thousands of bodies that we have all worked on we’ve gained the knowledge of how to address each one of body’s individual needs.  We repair the issues we find and we always aim to give the client the best therapy that money can buy, and all at a very reasonable rate.


We believe that one’s health should not be a question of cost, but rather a question of when?


This way will enable us all to enjoy the limited time that we all are given here on earth.

About Andre Studer

Andre Studer, cmt #63685  (Certified since 2014)

Have Questions? Feel free to email Andre at: andrestuder.cmt@gmail.com Andre first got interested in massage in the late 1980’s. These were his high school years when an athletic coach that he called Fitz, showed him that through massage a lot of your Pains may be managed with its use. He saw and experienced this would keep him lifting, running, and practicing striving for excellence for the next event. He began then helping other team mates with discomfort and pain from what he learned from his coach and did so with the same ambition and eagerness he has in his practice today.


Later in time, following his education in engineering he pursued his first love, which was in the ability for the human body to heal itself.  Then as a graduate of Southern California Health Institute, and an Alpha Beta Kappa honor society member, he has fine-tuned his knowledge and skills of the human body and is now a certified massage therapist and physical therapy aide since 2014.


Prior to launching HWH Mobile Massage, Andre worked both in a top-notch spa setting and within medical and holistic health care clinics as he assisted doctors in chiropractic with their work and practices. A posture specialist that uses his blend of medical massage with traditional Chinese medicine, through Swedish and deep tissue strokes that will organize your tissues to peak stability and performance. With every massage he delivers a unique blend of therapy each to the needs of his clients’ soft tissues. Most leave his table with satisfaction through his combination of massage techniques, which include: Deep tissue, Reflexology, Swedish, sports therapy, myofascial release, acupressure, Rolfing and all concluded with energy work and even Reiki.